Wellbeing at Gresham

Happiness is key to success - for our pupils, for our staff and for our parents and carers. This is why mental health and wellbeing are always at the top of our agenda here at Gresham Primary School.

How do we support ALL children's mental health and wellbeing?

  • Our PSHE curriculum, based on the CORAM Life Education SCARF scheme, teaches children about the various aspects of wellbeing, including: a healthy diet, healthy life style, healthy relationships, keeping safe, valuing differences, feelings and emotions and growing and changing.
  • We are part of the 'The Children's Health Project'. Teachers use these wonderful resources to teach children about Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind, Healthy Habits and Healthy Movement.

How do we support children who need more tailored mental health intervention?

  • We currently run three therapy based programmes at Gresham delivered by trained members of staff. All are designed to support the emotional needs of our pupils, focusing on prevention, early intervention and recovery.