ICT and Computing at Gresham

Gresham's Computing Curriculum Map

Gresham's Computing Road Map

Our main ambition is for children to leave primary school with the tools and knowledge they need to use computer systems effectively and safely as technology continues to develop and expand over the coming years.

Computing lessons have a focus on topics such as coding, presenting work in a variety of ways using different programs, and how to search effectively when using a search engine to get the most valuable information available.

Children become confident in using computing during a variety of subjects where they can use school computers or iPads to conduct research on a chosen topic.

We ensure children fully understand the concept of e-safety and how they can keep safe on computer systems at school and home. E-safety is referenced regularly and is intertwined into all computing work that takes place at school.

Computing will feature heavily in the further education and employment of our pupils and equipping them with the computing skills, knowledge and understanding now will better enable them to thrive in the future.