Gresham Pupils Succeed...

At Gresham Primary School, our intent is to ensure our pupils achieve the highest possible standard of education and enjoy a rich, broad and balanced curriculum. As our vision states, we strongly believe that

Gresham pupils succeed because everyone is happy, kind, inspired, challenged and

ready for the future.

Our vision underpins and informs our curriculum at every turn, putting children and their learning at the heart of Gresham.

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A creative curriculum which highly values the pupils’ interests, prior knowledge and aspirations, encouraging every child to love learning and enjoy coming to school.
A caring curriculum that emphasises the personal virtues which will enable our pupils to become well-rounded young adults and know how to develop successful relationships with others.
An enriching curriculum which excites children, making them question the world around them, developing an intrinsic motivation to learn for life.
An expertly designed curriculum where learning is skilfully delivered underpinned by expert knowledge, ensuring excellent progress for all.
A curriculum which is up-to-date and relevant, reflecting the skills, knowledge and understanding required for the our pupils to succeed now and in the future, in Britain and world-wide.

Be a Gresham Learning Superhero


We believe that learning how to learn is crucial. During their time at Gresham, pupils master these learning super skills and use them to become a learning superhero themselves!

This enables them to be confident, life long learners...ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead.