After School Club telephone number 07391 547884

This club provides care for Gresham children from 3.15 – 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 5.30pm on Fridays during term, excluding teacher training days.

Younger children will be collected from class, and older ones will make their way to the library at 3.15pm.

Qualified staff will provide activities and be available to play games etc. with children attending the Club. It will be possible for children to complete homework and read with the adults, in order that you don’t have to struggle with this after a hard day at work! Children will also be able to play together and instigate their own games and activities, as well as having time to just relax and watch suitable television or DVDs occasionally.

A light tea will be served at about 4.30pm, consisting of a a healthy snack, fruit and a drink.

The charges per session are as follows:

Pre-booked session daily rate ad hoc session daily rate
After-School Club £12.50


Please ask at the office for further details about out of school hours care.