SRE at Gresham

At Gresham, we recognise that children grow up in a rapidly, ever changing world and are subject to an increasing range of influences. We know that when children feel good about themselves, and are knowledgeable and confident about sex and relationships, they are more likely to be more discerning in their relationships and sexual behaviours and to have fulfilling relationships. Through our teaching of SRE, we have the following aims:

1. To provide accurate information about, and understanding of, SRE issues.
2. To dispel myths e.g. gender stereotypes
3. To explore a range of attitudes towards SRE issues and to help pupils to reach their own informed views.
4. To develop respect and care for others.
5. To increase each pupil's self-esteem.
6. To develop skills relevant to effective management of relationships and sexual situations and prepare pupils for puberty and adolescence, e.g. communication with and empathy towards others, risk assessment, assertiveness, conflict management, decision making, seeking help and helping others.
7. To eradicate prejudice and homophobic, transphobic and transgender abuse.